Policy and Strategy Development

Policy and

Strategy Development

A policy development process is undertaken before program implementation.

AWF (Pvt.) Ltd underpins policy formulation as it enables the clients to evaluate possible options and then select those that are best suited for a particular program. For clients, it is also important to develop policies that allow enough flexibility for future changes that may be needed. AWF Pvt Ltd considers that policy development is key to clarifying expectations, safeguarding the interests, and bringing consistency and credibility with possibilities of scalability and replication. Whether the objective is to develop a short-term action plan or a long-term strategic plan to turn policies into actions, AWF Pvt Ltd will partner to customize the best approach. By understanding critical components of the work environment (i.e., strategic intent, resources, processes, organization design, and culture), we can focus on achieving improved results and effective service delivery. Our team at AWF takes pride in our ability to form both likely and unlikely strategic partnerships from the development sector organizations, private sector businesses, community, and local and provincial government agencies.